The virtual follow-up solution for CONNECTED HEALTH

Like in the hospital, but at home!

Discover our HYGÉE+ virtual care platform

Katera, Virtual Health is the leader in virtual monitoring with technological tools for a better quality of life for patients and the constant monitoring of biometric data that allows hospitalized patients to have a follow-up directly from their home.

Katera’s solutions are aimed at both healthcare professionals and individuals. Based on proven technologies and expertise, Katera’s virtual surveillance products and services are reliable, relevant for health follow-ups that respect the person and offer excellent value for money!

Are you a patient or a relative?

Our team of nurses has been trained to offer you a tailored follow-up of your chronic or mental illness or post-hospital care. Through remote sessions, you will benefit from a complete follow-up protocol specific to your disease, while staying in the comfort of your home.

Like in the hospital,
but at home!

Are you a healthcare professional?

Our virtual follow-ups make it possible to return home more quickly after a medical intervention, because the patient becomes actively involved in its follow-ups. Our connected devices, on the other hand, reduce the risk of falls, and monitor certain biometric patient data remotely in real time.

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