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Benefit From Personalized Health Monitoring for Your Employees

For supportive care

Services beneficial to you and to the health of your employees

Did you know that 50% of employees are struggling with at least one chronic illness and that most of them are in favour of having a health specialist help them better manage their quality of life?  Due to lack of time or information, many of them are not taking proper care of themselves, resulting in serious potential consequences in the mid and long-term, both for them and for the productivity of your business. By partnering with Katera, we will oversee their health status by organizing educational seminars on different illnesses, carrying out chronic illness screenings, and accurately monitoring their health, to improve quality of life, all from within your company. Everyone reaps the benefits!

Reduced absenteeism

With healthier and more productive employees, your absenteeism rate will decrease significantly. And when absent, their return to work will be expedited and under the best possible conditions.

Cost control and reduction

Benefit from cost control of your group insurance premiums thanks to a reduction in the number of prescriptions for certain types of medications. The costs of replacing employees who are sick will decrease as well.

Proven results

Results that emerge from the various studies that we have conducted are very positive. They show that regular health monitoring results in significant health benefits, thanks to the coaching provided by our experts and the precise protocols that they follow.

Specific services adapted to the needs of your business

The multidisciplinary experience of our nursing team allows us to offer your business many on-site health services.

Screening clinic

Screening clinic
Our health specialists will work on-site at your premises to offer screening for several chronic and acute illnesses. Your employees will as such be informed, supported and able to ask any questions that concern them about their health.

On-site nurses

On-site nurses
Our nurses exemplify a combination of exceptional human qualities. They will be well placed within your company to respond to the needs of your employees, as well as the management team, in the monitoring of health and the prevention of occupational illnesses.


Our health specialists will work on-site at your premises, at pharmacies, or private or public clinics to offer vaccination services. All your employees will as such be informed, supported and able to ask any questions that concern them about their health.

Our rates are adapted to your needs!

Our rates are adjusted according to the services requested. Thus, we can offer the best price, without you having to pay unnecessary costs. Don’t hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to answer all your questions.