Connected Devices
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Connected Devices

Today, many Canadians use connected devices to track their training performance, learn about the quality of their sleep, or even simply count their steps to ensure they stay active.

The alliance of the HYGÉE+ platform with Katera’s connected devices enables the implementation of connected tools that offer unparalleled peace of mind to a patient’s loved ones.

Our award-winning, non-contact, portable sleep monitor is designed to monitor patient/resident safety during sleep. Sleep recording and analysis functions provide valuable information to improve sleep quality.

The device is placed under the bed frame and detects body movements and vital signs (respiratory rate and heart rate), regardless of where the person is positioned on the bed.

With the central monitoring platform connected to HYGÉE+ which allows the real-time monitoring of several residents from a single screen, the sleep monitor is ideal for use in retirement homes, CHSLDs and intermediate resources to support resident and patient care.

Key features

  • Alerts (configurable) in real time “in bed/out of bed” and vital signs out of reach
  • Monitor multiple residents from a single screen
  • Analysis of the quality of sleep
  • Real time heart rate and respiratory rate
  • Automatic night light right out of bed, reduces risk of falls
  • Management report, resource planning

Benefits of the sleep monitor

  • Reduction of the risk of residents falling and wandering through automatic alerts “out of bed” or “not returned to bed”
  • Reduced in-person checks through central monitoring function that provides real-time status of all residents in bed
  • Improved efficiency of care, medication and sleep coaching plans through the contribution of unbiased sleep data, analysis and trends
  • Improved staff planning based on alert type and management reports

Connected remote monitoring helps care and retirement home providers improve safety, personalized care and operational efficiency.

Safety management

  • Increases the security of seniors without compromising their independence and confidentiality of information.
  • Minimizes the risk of human error.
  • Identify emergency situations in advance, for faster response from a loved one, first responder or emergency services.
  • Automation of daily recordings.

Personalized assistance

  • Based on unbiased evidence to inform decisions about best care.
  • Increases the autonomy of seniors and the peace of mind of their loved ones, through a better understanding of their care needs.
  • Identification of health changes and activities of daily living.


  • Discrete passive sensors track and monitor daily life activities in real time.
  • No cameras, no microphones.
  • The platform will inform family members and caregivers of potential safety or health issues through text alerts.

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