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Chronic illnesses and postoperative care

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Katera is a division of Archi-Médic, a company specializing in the transcription and coding of medical records. We have launched a virtual health follow-up service to help you manage chronic or postoperative health conditions.

Our principal aim is to help you avoid complications, keep you healthy, and improve your quality of life, without having to leave the comfort of your home.

In addition, we seek to offer these services, and many more, to all Canadian businesses.

A mission close to our hearts

Our mission is to offer you easy-to-access health services provided by our team of qualified nurses, from an organization without equal. With a combination of competent, caring health professionals and efficient technologies, we will help you to develop healthy lifestyle habits.

Our values




An unfailing team of experts!

Our teams’ primary objective is to ensure the satisfaction and loyalty of our customers. To accomplish this, we make every effort to fully understand your objectives and to meet your expectations. It is with this in mind that we recently set up our virtual health follow-up platform, qualified by Canada Health Infoway.

Our healthcare specialists

Our teams of nurses are trained to provide you with personalized healthcare via remote monitoring sessions, or directly on the company’s premises.

Our nurses are passionate and have your best Interests at heart. They know how to help you stay motivated to make the kinds of changes in your life that matter.


Our history

In 2016, Yves and François created the Katera Virtual Healthcare Follow-up division. Building on their experience with Archi-Médic, they became aware of the need to provide an efficient and effective virtual consultation service to as many Canadians as possible.  In addition, the company’s offerings comprise a range of services dedicated exclusively to businesses including, for example, the setting up of an on-site clinic within the company, providing vaccinations and screening for chronic illnesses.

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