Virtual health follow-up platform

Provide Tenants and Owner-Occupants Of Your Apartment Building Or Condos With An Innovative Service

Chronic illnesses and postoperative care

A health platform to improve the quality of life of your occupants

Are you interested in offering a virtual follow-up service for occupants of your apartments or condos? Katera is here for you! We offer many services specifically adapted to their well-being so that they can benefit from better quality of life on a daily basis.

Through a secure and certified platform, your residents can take advantage of the coaching offered by our caring experts who are attentive to their health. They will be able to answer any questions pertaining to a wide variety of chronic illnesses and posthospital care.

Advantage #1

Better quality of life

Taking care of your body and mind can only be good for you. By maintaining a healthy lifestyle, such as following a wholesome diet, exercising regularly, undergoing regular complete checkups, and getting enough sleep every night, are in a much stronger position to face and resist any challenges you might encounter in the future. Healthy aging is the greatest gift we can give to ourselves.

Advantage #2

Proven results

Results that emerge from the various studies that we have conducted are very positive. They show that regular health monitoring results in significant health benefits, thanks to the coaching provided by our experts and the precise protocols that they follow, for chronic illnesses and postoperative care.

Advantage #3

Value added

Our distinctive virtual follow-up services will enable you to stand out in the market. By combining insightful use of an efficient tracking technology, qualified by Canada Health Infoway, with the professional support of our health specialists, your occupants will be better able to manage their health problems, improve their lifestyle habits and their general state of health.

Flexible and simple pricing

Rates adapted to your needs and those of your occupants!

Specific to your apartment building or condo

Regardless of the number of tenants or owner-occupants who might occupy your establishment, our services can be adapted to the needs of all buildings in Canada. We offer a range of dedicated services according to several criteria (average age, type of professional activity, number of residents per accommodation , etc.), to offer the best rate. All this to provide your residents with an innovative and positive benefit.


Our rates are adjusted, as best as possible, according to the one-time services that your occupants might require. Thus, we can offer the best price, without them having to pay unnecessary costs for services that they don’t use.

Let’s make an appointment to discuss the best rate

At your request, one of our specialists can call you immediately to provide more information on our services.