Virtual health follow-up platform

Provide Your Patients With An Efficient And Personalized Follow-Up Service For Their Care

Chronic illnesses and postoperative care

An innovative platform to improve your patients’ quality of life

Would you be interested in guiding your patients to a virtual follow-up platform, where they are taken care of in the completion of hospital care or in the follow-up of a simple intervention? Katera is there for them! Our healthcare specialists are trained to follow the comprehensive follow-up protocols established by physicians, as they pertain to posthospital, postclinic, or palliative care, as well as remote monitoring of chronic illness.

Through a secure and certified platform, you can offer your patients an innovative and differentiating service to help them regain full recovery of their health.

Advantage #1

Rehospitalizations and emergency room visits

Many studies show that most cases of rehospitalization could have been avoided, had there been better care of patients after leaving hospital. Thanks to the tools and knowledge of our health specialists, your patients will be coached and supported during their posthospital follow-ups. We will help them manage the transition from hospital to home and put in place good habits for their recovery.

Advantage #2

Proven results

Results that emerge from the various studies that we have conducted are very positive. They show that regular health monitoring results in significant health benefits, thanks to the coaching provided by our experts and the precise protocols that they follow, for chronic illnesses and postoperative care.

Advantage #3

Reduce the workload of your employees

Readmissions and emergency visits to the hospital or clinic cause disruption to optimal functioning and give rise to a significant reduction in productivity. Major inconveniences for healthcare professionals include, for example, delays in operational planning and the stressful effects of working overtime.

Katera is there to help!

Flexible and simple pricing

Rates adapted to the needs of your patients!

Whether a hospital, or private or public clinic, our services can be adapted to the needs of all Canadian enterprises. We offer a range of services dedicated to all patients according to several criteria (average age, type of professional activity, hospital care received, interventions carried out, etc.), in order to offer the best rate. All this to provide your patients with an innovative and positive benefit.

Our rates are adjusted, as best as possible, according to the services that your patients might require. Thus, we can offer the best price, without them having to pay unnecessary costs for services that they don’t use.

Let’s make an appointment to discuss the best rate

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