Virtual health follow-up platform

Provide Your Residents with An Efficient and Personalized Follow-up Service

Chronic illnesses and postoperative care

An innovative platform to improve the quality of life of your residents

Do you manage a seniors’ residence and if so, would you welcome improvement in the quality of life of your residents, by offering regular, comprehensive monitoring of their chronic illnesses or posthospital care? Katera is there for them! Followed by our health professionals, each resident will benefit from a protocol adapted to their needs, through virtual follow-up sessions, with the aim of preventing possible complications and improving their quality of life.

Through a secure and certified platform, your residents can benefit from dedicated coaching offered by our caring experts who are attentive to the needs of their health.  They will be able to answer any questions pertaining to a wide variety of chronic illnesses and posthospital care.

Advantage #1

Reduction in rehospitalizations

Many studies show that most cases of rehospitalization could have been avoided with better care of patients after leaving hospital. Thanks to the tools and knowledge of our health specialists, your residents will be coached and supported with virtual posthospital follow-ups. We will help them manage the transition from hospital to residence and put in place good habits for their recovery.

Advantage #2

Real added value

Our distinctive virtual follow-up services will enable you to stand out in the market. By combining insightful use of an efficient tracking technology, qualified by Canada Health Infoway, with the professional support of our health specialists, your residents will be able to better manage their health problems, improve their lifestyle habits and their general state of health.

Advantage #3

Proven results

Results that emerge from the various studies that we have conducted are very positive. They show that regular health monitoring results in significant health benefits, thanks to the coaching provided by our experts and the precise protocols that they follow, for chronic illnesses and postoperative care.