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Factors that contribute to absenteeism and its impact on the business

The repeated absence of one or more employees can be a true source of difficulty for any businessperson, both in terms of costs incurred and the additional work that others must take on. Many personal and professional factors (working conditions, social climate, etc.) are at the root of a high absenteeism rate, including external circumstances that need to be taken into consideration.

Personal factors

According to a (study by Malakoff Humanis), most days away from the office are non-professional in nature. Indeed, more than 87% of workplace absenteeism is either due to a difficult family situation, poor health, an unhealthy lifestyle, or the individual’s age.

Professional factors

Less than a quarter of work absences (study by Malakoff Humanis) are professional in nature, and could be due to a work Injury, poor conditions for carrying out one’s job, or a difficult social climate.

The impact on the business

In addition to disrupting the normal functioning of a business, workplace absenteeism is the cause of considerable inconvenience to employers. Added to the significant drop in productivity, there is the additional high cost of hiring temporary employees, delays in professional projects and ultimately a potential drop in profitability.

Ways to reduce employee absenteeism

Although it might be difficult to address all factors behind absenteeism it is nonetheless important to tackle as many as possible. Thus, by offering them our virtual follow-up services, employees would benefit from regular monitoring of their health, improving their quality of life, and reducing the number of absences each year.

On-site clinic


Our health experts will assess the state of health of your employees through screening of their chronic illnesses, vaccination campaigns to protect them from seasonal illnesses, and by providing them with helpful tips to prevent work injuries. These preventive measures aim to help avoid work accidents and unnecessary absences as much as possible.

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Chronic illness follow-up

The fact that one out of every two employees is struggling with a chronic illness makes a compelling case for the benefit of a regular and complete follow-up of their state of health. Thanks to our virtual follow-up platform, your employees can be cared for by several of our health experts, who will coach them in the adoption of better daily lifestyle habits, in order to improve their overall health. All this to stay productive and in good shape at all times.