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Factors that contribute to cost increase in group insurance

For several years now, the increase in annual group insurance costs has exceeded the rate of inflation. This is becoming a real area of concern for both employees and employers, given today’s environment.

Increase in insurance claims

The last few years, and in particular, the two years during the pandemic, have seen a significant impact on the mental and physical health of many employees. As a result, the number of insurance claims has skyrocketed, and many insurers have seen a substantial increase in medical expense reimbursements and disability insurance compensation paid out to beneficiaries.

A tapped-out health system

The shortage of healthcare professionals has affected employees’ absence from the workplace. When not cared for in a timely manner, employees are inclined to stay home longer, delaying their return to work by days or weeks.

Rising medical costs

Increasing costs of prescription drugs and medical visits have resulted in higher reimbursement costs. This is due to the shortage of health professionals and the need for many patients to go through private healthcare channels.

Ways to reduce insurance costs

Fortunately, there are many ways to lower the costs of group insurance and ensure that everyone can benefit from wage increases that truly remain advantageous over the years.

On-site clinic

On-site prevention

Our health experts will assess the state of health of employees through screening of their chronic illnesses, vaccination campaigns to protect them from seasonal illnesses, and by providing them with helpful tips to prevent work injuries. These preventive measures aim to help avoid work accidents and unnecessary absences as much as possible.

A certified platform

Chronic illness follow-up

The fact that one out of every two employees is struggling with a chronic illness makes a compelling case for the benefit of a regular and complete follow-up of their state of health. Thanks to our virtual follow-up platform, employees can be cared for by several of our health experts, who will coach them in the adoption of better daily lifestyle habits, in order to improve their overall health. All this to stay productive and in good shape at all times.


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