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The high added value of our offer

Employers, apartment towers, seniors’ homes, insurers: Katera will allow you to exceed the expectations of your customers and employees.

Increasingly competitive markets

These days, consumers and employees are always looking for more. Companies are redoubling their efforts to acquire and retain clients and employees. You can either follow the trends and be in reaction mode, or you can stay ahead of the curve and create the new trends, allowing you to open new markets.

The importance of standing out

What are your differentiators? How can you prove to your clients and employees that you are the best that there is, and that they should choose your residence, your insurance company, your business? It Is Important to keep this in mind and be aware of new developments and opportunities that will keep you at the cutting edge.

Health is a key issue for your clients

A CROP survey shows that the general population is very concerned about their health. In fact, 85% of Quebecers claim that they want to improve their diet, but half of them find it difficult to do so. At the same time, it is challenging to gain access to doctors or nurses as the health system is tapped-out and lacks professionals. In addition, making lifestyle changes requires follow-up with caring and frequent interventions. Proposing new ways of doing things will certainly appeal to your clients and employees. Fortunately, Katera is here for you.

Our rates are adapted to your needs!

Our rates are adjusted according to the services requested. Thus, we can offer the best price, without you having to pay unnecessary costs.




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