Canada’s Virtual Health Follow-up Expert

Innovative Care Services for a Better Quality of Life

Dedicated to individuals and professionals

Offering care for chronic illnesses and postoperative medical conditions

Benefit from personalized virtual healthcare

Our nursing team has been trained to offer you follow-up care adapted to your chronic, mental, or posthospitalization medical needs. Through videoconference sessions, you can benefit from a complete follow-up protocol tailored to your needs, all in the comfort of your home.

An exclusive business advantage

Benefit from health services that are tailored to the needs of each employee

You are an employer, and you would like to discuss the healthcare needs of your employees, with the goal of offering them a better quality of life with peace of mind on a daily basis. Our screening, vaccination, and nursing services, offered by our teams of specialists, are there to help you achieve this goal.


Our rates are adapted to your needs!

Our rates are adjusted according to the services requested. Thus, we can offer the best price, without you having to pay unnecessary costs.

Many advantages

Join a company that takes good care of Its teams

With Katera, you will immediately become part of a team of specialists where integrity, autonomy and responsibility are fundamental to how we work. Most of our career offerings allow you to enjoy considerable autonomy, along with work-life balance, while benefitting from many other advantages related to your position.